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As my first discussion topic I chose what I believe to be very interesting food for thought:what is a tribute to an original artist/band?

Some music lovers might say that a tribute is an emulation of the original act as close in form and music as the original. Partly it’s true… but to me paying tribute means a bit more than that. It means recreating the emotional response behind the original act and its music. For this effect to be created the tribute performance needs to be very personal, heartfelt and not just a mere copycat or it will fail its intent.

Think about it! A tribute act could be as close as it gets to the original thing in terms of literal reproduction of little nuances and everything else… but if the heart factor is not there, that tribute will always fail to grasp the attention and the emotions of the audience.

Did you ever come out of a tribute show feeling as warm inside as when you saw the original band in their prime? Then you just experienced a 100% quality act that gave you what you paid for. They created those moments that made you recall an old emotion. They met your expectations.

I would really like to hear your opinion on this. Feel free to reply.


One thought on “What is a Tribute?

  1. I totally agree Riccardo. I have seen bands that do all the moves and words but if it is not delivered honestly with feel, you leave the show feeling nothing or at best you feel like ya seen an ok band.

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