How it all began

Riccardo always felt the call to music as something essential in his life.

Since 18 years old he has been honing his technical and expressive vocal skills to match the perfection of his masters: Steve Perry, Freddie Mercury, Chris Cornell, Bobby Kimball, Eric Martin, Bruce Dickinson and many others. Hungry for live performances and driven by a lifetime commitment to music he is finally putting his experience into action by paying tribute to Journey and Steve Perry, considered one of the most soulful and unique voices in the history of American music.

It hasn’t been easy for Riccardo though. Originally from the hills of central Italy, he decided to take a bold turn and move to North America on his own, leaving friends and family behind, to make his passion for music a solid reality.

Today, 2015, after an impressive streak of shows in Absolute Journey’s first year of activity, Riccardo is stretching towards new horizons. His new project, Trilogy Concert Series, puts him beside 2 very talented tribute singers: Baz Litlerock as Bon Jovi and Doug Varty as Bryan Adams. His participation in the Legends Live show of South Western Ontario and Michigan will keep Riccardo’s schedule busy well into the new year.

The future is bright and the journey is on!

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