Absolute Journey Tribute is a tribute band that faithfully recreates the show of platinum rockers Journey with attention to detail. Energy, costume changes, emotion in the executions, musicianship and audience interaction are the staples that make an AJT show the most complete Journey experience on the market.

Our value proposition

We perform at festivals, theaters, casinos, corporate events and cruise ships. So far the band has visited 18 States in the USA and 6 Provinces in Canada. Within the last 5 years we extended our business to Caribbean, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam.

AJT recreates a complete Journey concert where music, visuals and interaction are king. Riccardo Curzi, a dead ringer to Steve Perry, will mesmerize you with vocal prowess and emotion. He is the only Steve Perry tribute singer and impersonator who performs numerous costume changes during a show. Marko Stojanovic’s ripping solos will help you appreciate Neal Schon’s guitar moxie once again. Jimmy Nguyen brings you both Jonathan Cain‘s keyboard and rhythm guitar playing and Gregg Rolie‘s lead vocals. He’s undoubtedly the most versatile Journey tribute keyboardist out there. Andrew Scola puts the utmost care in recreating the signature sounds of Ross Valory‘s bass playing. His beautiful rhythmic tapestries become the foundation of AJT’s sound, completed by the energetic drumming of Jaden Spanier. Jaden’s playing embodies both Steve Smith‘s finesse and Deen Castronovo‘s powerful execution.

Are you ready for a once in a lifetime trip down memory lane? Start believin’ again with Absolute Journey Tribute.

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